Mickey and MINI 8 Book Drive

Book DriveThis year the planning team for Mickey and MINI 8 wanted to do something a little different to make a difference. A recent event in one of the team member’s lives led us to have a Book Drive. We wanted to share a little bit about the experience:

I work with abandoned, abused, and neglected children. About a month ago I was assisting my co-worker and met one of her clients. He is a 17 year old, who has recently moved into a group home for teenaged boys. I don’t want to explain why he came into this situation as it is heartbreaking. After speaking to him a while I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him. He told me that he has been really bored in his group home and that he would really like some books to read. I asked if there was a specific topic or style of book he was looking for. He told me that he just wanted to read and would read anything he could get his hands on. I promised him that I would get him some books.
We have a room where I work where we keep presents and clothing, but we really did not have any books. I went home and went through my husband and my books and I asked as many of our friends as I could think of for books. I got some books from these request, but we have already managed to go through them.

This year instead of food, we are asking that you bring new and used books for children between the ages of 0 and 18. We know that everyone probably has some books they are planning to give away or dispose of in another manner, so instead you should bring them to Mickey and MINI 8. Through your book donation you will be assisting children who have been involved in abuse, abandonment, and neglect in the Central Florida area.  Thanks!

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One thought on “Mickey and MINI 8 Book Drive

  1. My husband and I just heard about Mickey and Mini! I happened to read your post and I would love to donate some books I have! I am a Guardian ad Litem volunteer and I know first hand the many needs of these children. Although late, I hope to be able to attend!

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