Mickey & MINI 10 Event Guide

Mickey & MINI 10 Event Guide

Mickey & MINI 10 is this weekend!

Here it is: your very valuable, perfectly printable Mickey & MINI 10 Event Guide to help you plan out your MINI-filled weekend at Walt Disney World.

The Event Guide is full of useful information including the weekend event schedule. You’ll find activity times, locations, and descriptions.  Included are the names and websites of our sponsors and vendors.  There is a bit of resort information, as well.

We would again like to thank our main sponsor ORLANDO MINI for their generous support!

Disney MagicBand Modding Contest

Disney MagicBands

Disney mailed MagicBands to the MM10 fans staying on property. Some of you crazy folks are U-ifying them, and a SSM member suggested (jokingly or not) a contest. We thought that was pretty cool too, so here you go…


  1. Post photo of your modded MagicBand HERE by September 23, 2014 (you only have a week!)
  2. Voting will occur during Welcome Dinner Happy Hour and the winner will be announced after the Car Show Awards ceremony. Must be present to win.
  3. HAVE FUN!